Gardeners Cottage is a large holiday house that we let in Blakeney


It all started when...

We love Blakeney 

We first discovered Blakeney about 15 years ago when our youngest was about 2 years old. We were living in Nottinghamshire at the time and had come on holiday camping to Kelling Heath. The weather was wonderful and we fell in love with Blakeney and the North Norfolk coast and from that holiday we were totally hooked. We then spent most weekends and every school holiday in Norfolk iniitially camping, then caravanning and eventually we managed to buy a house, in the centre of Blakeney, in need of a major renovation.

Our Goal

Our aim is for Gardener's Cottage to be the best self catering large luxury holiday cottage in Blakeney, and for all our guests to have a relaxing and comfortable stay with us.

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About Gardeners Cottage

When we bought the house, it had had no work done on it for over 50 years and have never before come onto the open market. It had been owned by a couple, and then when they died had transferred to a family member who then left it in his will to a friend.

Initially we camped out in the house with for the first 4 years with our three children, spending all our free time and school holidatys there. We did not do any major changes to the house other than minor cosmetic. 

After about 4 years we had managed to save up enough money to put in planning permission to extend the house and convert the attics taking it from a three bedroom to a 5 bedroom house. We had always planned to let the cottage as a holiday let with the lovely people at The Blakeney Cottage Company, who are located just down the high street and so with this in mind we focussed on what would be important to our guests, and put in plenty of bathrooms.

We used a local architect who lived in Blakeney and was in fact a neighbour. The planning permission took us several attempts and seemed to take forever, due to issues with trees, but in the end we got there.

The renovation and rebuild took about 12 months. We used a local building firm based in Holt and a local project manager who was a friend of the architects. We were still living in Nottinghamshire and visiting the project at weekends. Amazingly, due to the dilligence of the project manager, the whole project came in on budget.

About us the owners

We have now lived in North Norfolk for the last 5 years. Having spent the best part of 10 years travelling up and down the A17 to Norfolk from Nottinghamshire we took the plunge and moved here full time and put Gardener's Cottage on to the holiday letting market, as we had always planned to. We hope that you and your family and friends enjoy staying in the cottage, as much as we have done over the last 10 years, and that you keep coming back to Blakeney and North Norfolk as we have done.