Blakeney Hollyhocks

The beautiful Blakeney Hollyhocks that fill the lokes and cottage gardens are in full flower this month, and are a sure sign that summer is here.

They are very easy to grow from seed if you are patient as they take two years from sowing your seed to your first hollyhock flower. Blakeney is well known for its Hollyhocks at this time of year as they love the dry sunny conditions and the sandy soil. They self seed freely and abundantly all over Blakeney village.

If you would like to grow hollyhocks from seed they also do very well on gravel if you seed them in a sunny spot. They can be purchased as pot grown plants from a garden centre but in our experience they can be harder to establish and will need watering until they get their tap root down.

If you would like to have a go at growing Hollyhocks then read our hollyhock growing tips