If you're Crab Fishing in Blakeney read our tips to get the best out of your crab fishing


With the start of the warmer weather this weekend and the Easter holidays fast approaching we thought it would be worth giving a quick reminder of our crab fishing tips page. Crab fishing is a perfect way to while away a couple of hours on a warm sunny day. Families have been crab fishing off Blakeney Quay in North Norfolk with their children and friends for years and years, On a warm day the quay in Blakeney is crowded with families enjoying this simple pastime, and even in this era of technology, this simple pleasure is still as much fun as it always has been.  A must if you are visiting the North Norfolk coast with children or teenagers during the warmer months. 

Click on the link to read our comprehensive guide to crab fishing in Blakeney including the best time of day, equipment required etc etc.