Crab Fishing Blakeney Quay

Crab Fishing in Blakeney Norfolk

Crab fishing is a perfect way to while away a couple of hours on a warm sunny day in Blakeney on North Norfolk coast. Read our crab fishing tips below, to help you to catch the most crabs and to put them back safely

Blakeney Crab Fishing

Crab Fishing Tips

  1. Please do not use hooks

  2. You will need some bait. We have found a packet of bacon, the smellier the better, is ideal, and available to buy quite cheaply, at the Blakeney spar.

  3.  You will need a crab line ( which you can buy at Gone crabbing in Blakeney or at the Blakeney Spar,) a large bucket and a net if possible.

  4. Best time to crab fish is on an incoming tide as this is when the crabs naturally feed.

  5. At high tide the water at Blakeney Quay is fairly deep and we have found armbands, a lifejacket or buoyancy aid are a good precaution for non swimming toddlers, although none of ours have ever fallen in touch wood !

  6. If you are feeling very organised we have found a couple of deckchairs and a flask of tea for mum and dad well worth the effort. Now you can sit back and wait for the crabs to come.

  7. Remember to release the crabs carefully at the end of your fishing & watch out for the sea gulls !

  8. The gulls will also be very grateful for any bits of bacon left over. 

  9. Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets opposite the national trust car park.

Crab Fishing Advice

Crab fishing is great fun for all the family

Known locally in Norfolk as 'gillying' this is a great way to spend time with the kids if you are holidaying in or near Blakeney

Crab Fishing Norfolk

Blakeney Quay is very popular for crab fishing. 

In summer Blakeney Quay is awash with families crab fishing together. 

Crab Fishing Blakeney Quay

Food & drink to sustain you while your crabbing available in Blakeney

  • A very good selection of ice creams & lolly ices are available from the ice-cream kiosk opposite the quay, or from the Blakeney spar.

  • Take away cappuccinos and lattes for mums, dads & grandparents are available from the Two Magpies on the Quay, The Blakeney deli about 50 yard up the high street or one of the food caravans on the quay.

  • Take away teas & snacks available from the caravans in the National Trust car park and from Two Magpies bakery and cafe on the Quay.

  • If you are there early in the morning, we can thoroughly recommend the breakfast baps from the caravan-they are fantastic and just what you need if you have been up for hours with a restless todddler. The local builders all get one when they are working in Blakeney and they are also very popular with the dog walkers including us.

Crab Fishing North Norfolk

Somewhere nice for lunch or dinner in Blakeney after you finish crab fishing 

  • For a family friendly and dog friendly sit down breakfast or lunch after you have finished crabbing, try Two Magpies Cafe highly recommended.

  • In the evenings The Moorings is great choice for a grown up meal as they have a very good seafood menu and lovely wines. 

  • Alternatively you could pop into the White Horse on Blakeney High Street after your crab fishing. They have a very reasonably priced light lunch menu which includes sandwiches & chips. They also have a family dining room. You may even be able to have a crab sandwich.


Where to get your crabbing stuff in Blakeney

There is usually a selection of crab fishing lines, buckets and nets at Gardeners Cottage, during the warmer months, for our guests to use during their stay.
Alternatively if you'd prefer to buy your own, Creek in Blakeney supplies everything you need to keep your little crab fishers happy.
There is also a caravan on the National trust car park at Blakeney Quay selling crabbing stuff including crab lines, buckets and nets. 


Where else to go crabbing in North Norfolk

Blakeney is in our opinion the best place to go crab fishing in North Norfolk, but there are other places in Norfolk that are also good for crab fishing. 

  • The quay at Wells Next The Sea is another good place for crab fishing and fish and chips can be purchased and eaten on the quay. 

  • Cromer Pier is also very good for crab fishing ( you will need a very long line).

  • We've had a lot of fun crab fishing in rock pools on Sheringham beach with younger children , where you can see the crabs coming to your bait. You do not need a line, just some bait.