Walking In Blakeney Norfolk

When its comes to walking were spoilt for choice in Blakeney 

Boats Blakeney

North Norfolk is very popular with walkers and ramblers. The county is criss crossed with footpaths & disused railway tracks that have been made into footpaths and cycleways.

The North Norfolk coastal footpath runs through Blakeney

This is proabably the most famous and runs along the entire coastline including through Blakeney.

Walking the causeway in blakeney

Thousands of visitors each year walk out from the quay towards Blakeney point along the causeway bequested by John Ware Wallace. This memorial plaque is located jast beyond the wooded foot bridge leading from the sailing club boat yard.

Walking from Blakeney Quay along the causeway 

There are lots of lovely walks that start from the quay in Blakeney. The best known is probably the walk from the National Trust car park on the quay. From here you are able to walk out along the Blakeney cut, and at low tide out into the bay (check tide times always) Its also possible to walk all the way to Cley Next the Sea to the East, or Morston to the west along the heritage coastal path.

Walking from Blakeney to Cley Next The Sea along the recently repaired coastal footpath

The walk is flat and fairly easy going and passes right past the famous Cley Windmill. There are tea rooms and pubs in Cley as well as the Cley Deli, if you need some refreshment when you get there. The walk is suitable for older children, although may be too long for very young children & toddlers. OK for pushchairs, although off roaders with 3 wheels will find it easier. The walk is about 1 mile each way. Take your binoculars if you have any, as there are lots of interesting birds to be seen on the marshes.

Walk from Blakeney to Morston Quay along the coastal footpath

Walk Blakeney Quay to morston

You can also walk or jog from the other end of Blakeney quay to Morston quay (avoid this walk at very high tides as it goes under water). This is a much shorter walk and takes about 20-30 minutes each way. There is a small tea , ice-cream & sweets bar at Morston in the summer months for refreshment before the walk back. The Eccles cakes are scrummy !

There is also a short circular walk around the National Trust grounds in Blakeney near the bird sanctuary

The entrance is just past the Manor Hotel. The walk takes about 15-20 minutes. In autumn there is an abundance of blackberries, which make the most excellent blackberry jam. In Summer & Autumn you can also walk through to the Wiveton Hall Farm Shop and Tearooms. The path from Blakeney is permissive across the National Trust land at the bottom of back lane, and unfortunately dogs, even on leads are not aloud.

You can also walk from Blakeney through the National Trust land to the Wiveton Fruit Farm & tearooms

Wiveton Hall Fruit Farm

This is one of our personal favourite walks as your are rewarded at the end of it by fabulous views and a wonderful tearomm / restaurant. You walk to the tearooms from Blakeney across a private footpath through the National Trust land, so avoiding the traffic. The farm shop is great in summer with pick your own fruit, and is great for the kids and adults alike. 
We sometimes walk back along the road to Blakeney (pavement is narrow) although the walk through the National Trust land is much nicer and traffic free. The only down side is you are not aloud to take you dogs through the National Trust land even on leads, although the Wiveton Fruit Farm cafe is dog friendly. 

Take the children to the spar to buy sweets & then to the park in Blakeney

Our children's personal favourite walk when they were young is the walk from the quay, about half way up the High Street , down Little Lane (off to the right) , across The Pastures field and to the Spar to buy sweets! This takes you past all the gorgeous cottages and lokes off The High Street, as well as letting the kids burn off some energy running across The Pastures. In summer the hollyhocks down the lokes are spectacular. If they are still feeling energetic there is a children's playground, tennis courts (bookable at the Spar ) and football fields across the main road next to the community centre. Its a nice easy walk and ideal for younger children. It also pushchair friendly. On route you will pass the Blakeney deli on the High street, and the Grey Seal coffee shop is just down the road from the Spar. both are great for cake and coffee on route.

Walk to the house boat in Blakeney harbour

Old Boathouse Blakeney

A nice easy walk through the sailing club and across the bridge. Can be muddy. Best done at low tide as the bridge occasionally gets cut off a high tide. Great to let dogs let off lead to let off a bit of steam, but best not to wear white trousers or your best shoes for this one. We would advise wellies in winter and crocs or washable shoes in summer. Lovely short walk with fantastic views out onto Blakeney point.

A walk up Blakeney high street

Blakeney High Street

Most visitors to Blakeney will enjoy exploring the Streets, Lanes and Lokes which lead off the High Street and Back lane. Lots of pretty cottages to see and the likes and gardens are full of climbing roses , clematis and Hollyhocks. Blakeney has its own microclimate, and the flowers always seem to grow better here.

Half way up the high street is the lovely Blakeney Deli where you can get take away coffees, sandwiches, salads, sausage rolls