Hollyhock Growing Tips

Hollyhock growing tips

We have been successfully growing hollyhocks from seed, in our cottage garden in Blakeney on the Norfolk Norfolk coast, for the past 15 years and wanted to share our tips for growing hollyhocks from seed and from container grown hollyhock plants

 Hollyhock Seeds

Hollyhock seeds

The easiest and most rewarding way to grow hollyhocks in the UK is from seed. Hollyhocks are prolific self seeders, and if you give them they right conditions, they will reliably come up from seed in the UK.

The hollyhock seeds are brown and quite large and form in brown seed pods on the Hollyhock stems, as shown below, during the late summer and early autumn.

Hollyhock seed pods

When will i know when the hollyhock seeds are ready to harvest?

When the hollyhock seeds are ready to harvest, they will appear dark brown and dry and the Hollyhock seeds pods will burst open, as shown in the Hollyhock seed pictures above.

Growing hollyhocks from seed

If you have never grown hollyhocks from seed before, and you do not have any hollyhock plants from which to collect Hollyhock seeds, the easiest way is to either collect seeds from a friends Hollyhocks or buy a packet of Hollyhock seeds from a garden centre or online.

When to sow Hollyhock seeds

Hollyhocks are prolific self seeders and the Hollyhock seeds are dropped by the Hollyhock plant from late summer through autumn and winter in the UK. Sometimes the seeds will stay on the plant all through winter, and then self sow in the spring.

Watch our video to see how and when to collect hollyhock seeds, and how to sow and grow hollyhocks from seed