Blackberry Jam Recipe-Easy

Our foolproof 20 minute home made blackberry jam recipe  

Blackberries are in season now and it's a fantastic crop this year so its the perfect time to make home made blackberry jam. We've been making blackberry jam at home using this recipe for over 30 years, and its never failed. its so easy and reliable. You will love it. 

First start by going blackberry picking

You should aim to pick at the very least two full medium size boxes with lids, and that will make you 4 pots of blackberry jam. We made jam today, and we collected 4 medium size containers of blackberries over two days, while we were walking the dogs, and this has made 8 jars of home made blackberry jam. Ill pop pictures of the containers we used below to give you a guide.  

Next get you jam jars ready 

We always save jam jars and marmalade with screw top lids, so that we have jars for jam making. If you do not have any jars ask friends or if that fails you can buy them from cookware shops or may find them in charity shops or on car boot sales. You can also use Kilner type jars. Make sure your jars are clean and dry. You can also sterilise them with boiling water but make sure they are dry before you add the jam. Make sure you have enough jars or containers for the amount of jam you are making. 

Making the Jam

  1. Wash your fruit and leave it to dry in a colander. Remove any berries that do not look ripe or any rotten ones, leaves and any insects that may be in there.
  2. Next weigh the fruit 
  3. Weigh an equal amount of granulated sugar. If you don't have granulated sugar you can use caster sugar.
  4. Place fruit and sugar into a large saucepan and bring the whole mixture to a  boil, stirring thoroughly the whole time until the sugar is fully dissolved. 
  5. When boiling start a timer and boil for 15 minutes stirring occasionally 
  6. After 15 minutes is up remove from the heat and bottle immediately
  7. Place lids on jars but do not tighten straight away to allow air on top of jar to expand and when lid feels hot tighten fully. As the jam cools a partial vacuum will form sealing the jars, and helping to preserve the jam.
  8. Label the lids or jars with the type of jam and the date you made it. 
  9. Eat the jam within 12 months, although in our experience it is all eaten with a month or two as it is so good.

Mikes made a video to show you exactly how to make the blackberry jam

Blackberry Picking in Blakeney Norfolk

Blakeney is a great location for Blackberry picking. Try the footpath between Blakeney and Wiveton Hall fruit farm. 

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