Broadband and mobile reception improved in Blakeney

Gardeners cottage now has faster broadband

Its now easier to stay connected thanks to faster broadband. We now have fibre optic broadband to Gardeners Cottage which means the internet connection is much, much faster than it used to be and does not dip out as much. However this is Norfolk and so if you are coming from a city you may still find it is slower than you are used to, but it is now as fast as it gets for Blakeney, and our guests and ourselves have noticed a huge improvement.

Mobile reception in Blakeney has improved enormously

We noticed earlier this year while walking our dogs out towards Cley that we had a really good mobile signal, it may have even beeen 4G !! The reception in the house has improved to but is still mainly confined to upstairs, and we have never seen 3G appear anywhere in the cott

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