Crab Fishing In Blakeney Norfolk

 Blakeney crabbing

Crab fishing in Blakeney, Norfolk, known locally as gillying, is not just an activity; it's an experience that connects visitors both young and old with a one of the fun coastal traditions of this charming North Norfolk village. Families have been crabbing from Blakeney Quay for generations and this tradition continues to thrive today, drawing both locals and tourists to its quays and tidal creeks. Blakeney is probaly the best place for crabbing in Norfolk with Wells Next The Sea and Cromer Pier coming second and third.

Here's a closer look at crab fishing in Blakeney:

The basics to crabbing in Blakeney:

Crabbing equipment: To get started, all you need is a crab line (a length of string with bait attached) and a bucket to hold your catch. The crab line usually features a weighted bottom and bait secured within a net bag. Locally sourced baits like smoked bacon or fish heads are often used to lure the crabs. Its also handy, but not essential, to have a net with a long handle to help you land the crabs. There are several shops in Blakeney selling crabbing equipment if you do not already have it.

The tides: The best time to go crabbing is typically during an incoming high tide, which is when the crabs naturally come out of their hiding places to feed, and when the waters are deep enough for the crabs to come out without being picked off by seagulls. Timing your crabbing adventure in Blakeney with the tides is essential for a successful catch.

Selecting the right location: Blakeney Quay is a popular spot for crabbing, as it provides easy access to the water and is a prime location for catching crabs. However, you can also explore nearby tidal creeks and marshes where the water is calmer, and the crabs are also abundant.

The Blakeney crabbing experience:

  1. Setting up: Find a suitable spot along the quay or creek, attach your bait to the crab line, and lower it into the water. Be prepared for a bit of patience as you wait for the crabs to take the bait.

  2. Catch and release: As the crabs latch onto the bait, gently lift your line out of the water. Carefully observe your catch, and you might be delighted to find various crab. It's important to handle the crabs gently and release them back into the water after admiring them.

  3. Competitive fun: Crabbing can be a competitive and enjoyable activity for families and friends. Keep a tally of your catches or organise a friendly competition to see who can catch the most crabs.

  4. Learning opportunities: Crabbing in Blakeney is not just about fun but also a chance to learn about marine life. It's a great educational experience for children, who can gain insights into the coastal ecosystem and the behavior of crabs.

Local advice:

  1. Tide Times: Check the local tide times and weather forecasts before heading out to ensure the best crabbing conditions.

  2. Catch and release: make sure to release the crabs gently back into the water before you leave. 

  3. Safety: Always be mindful of safety, especially if you're crabbing with children. Keep a close eye on the little ones and ensure they don't lean too far over the water.

Crab fishing in Blakeney, Norfolk, offers a unique and hands-on way to connect with the sea, nature, and the village's maritime heritage. It's an activity that is both entertaining and educational, and it's an excellent way to spend a relaxing day by the water while creating lasting memories. So, whether you're a seasoned crabber or a beginner, don't miss the opportunity to try your hand at this delightful coastal pastime in the charming setting of Blakeney.

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