Gardeners Cottage is one of the largest holiday cottages in Blakeney

Gardeners Cottage now sleeps up to 14 guests

Due to guest requests we have recently increased the number of beds at Gardeners Cottage so that the cottage can now sleep up to 14 guests. We did this by adding some additional single beds to the large upstairs bedrooms, so that families have the option of sleeping young children in the same room if they wish.

Funnily enough when we bought the cottage many moons ago, and prior to renovation our youngest then 3 years old used to sleep at the foot of our bed on a mattress, so it brings back many fond memories. Even after we had renovated the cottage and he had the option of another bedroom he chose to stay there for several years. He’s now 19 and has his own room you’ll be very glad to hear.

Many young children are nervous when sleeping in an unfamiliar house, and will feel more relaxed if they have the option of sleeping in their parents room. The bedrooms still have plenty of room for travel cots if you are bringing very young children.

We hope that you like the changes that we have made. Bedroom photos to follow soon I hope.

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