Our hollyhocks seeds are ready early this year

Blakeney Hollyhock seeds

We have just taken delivery of these gorgeous seed packets for our seeds and so will be sending them out soon to those that have requested them via our blog post how to grow hollyhocks from seed

We have been growing these Blakeney hollyhocks from seed now for the last 15 years and they are very reliable and hardy.

If you would like some of our hollyhock seeds so that you can grow them in your garden then pop over to our blog post to learn how to grow them and leave a comment either in this blog post or the other one if you would like some seeds. We have lots to give away this year as it has been a bumper year for the hollyhocks. They have loved the long hot dry sunny summer that we have had this year in North Norfolk and the exceptionally mild winter followed by a drought has meant they have produced seed very early this year.

If you would like to see how to sow the hollyhock seeds got to our Gardeners Cottage Blakeney You tube channel

Update 8/10/20

We have now given away all the hollyhocks seed packets from our Blakeney hollyhocks for this year. We may get a late crop and if we have any more available I will post an update. If you would like to go on the waiting list for seeds please comment below.

Update 17/8/23

The first of our free Blakeney hollyhock seeds are ready and can be ordered online here. You just pay for postage.  



Cynthia Ruby

If you have seeds available for 2023, I would love some to add to my garden.

Julie Vernon

Hello, are you still posting out hollyhock seeds?

Lesley Harrison

Hi… I too grow a few lemon hollyhocks but would love additional colours.. If you have spare some seeds I would love to receive some please.
Kind regards
Lesley Harrison

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