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Cottage Garden Seeds Mix 2023

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Gardeners Cottage Garden Seeds

For the past 30 years, we've been cultivating these robust and dependable cottage garden flowers from seed and sharing them with friends and family. Their resilience and reliability and prolific flowering have stood the test of time. They also self-seed abundantly so once you have them in your garden they will delight you for years.

What's in the cottage garden seed mix

  • The packet contains a mix of native hardy perennial seeds including purple alliums, catmint, evening primrose, aquilegia, rose campion, and astrantia.  
  • A bee-friendly mix of seeds.
  • English cottage garden favourites
  • All are very easy to grow and can be sown directly by mimicking nature by scattering them on the surface where you want them to grow in autumn, winter or spring or you can germinate them in seed trays next spring.  
  • If you need any growing tips or advice we are happy to help