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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Allium Purple Sensation Seeds 2023

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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Allium Purple Sensation Seeds

  • One of the most reliable and bee-friendly alliums
  • We grow it through Lavender as it flowers earlier and looks spectacular
  • Traditional cottage garden flower
  • As this variety is grown en-masse we expect the parent characteristics to be preserved in the majority of the seedlings, but expect some variation to occur.
  • Self-seeds abundantly when established
  • 8-10-cm ball head flowers that are bee-friendly 
  • Cottage garden favourite
  • Very easy to grow, and can be sown immediately upon receipt or stored for sowing in spring.
  • Can also be sown and grown in pots for 12 months for planting out the small bulbs into their flowering position for the following summer.
  • Expect to reach flowering size in years 2 and 3 after sowing
  • Sow in a well-drained gritty soil or compost, covering the seeds with 1-2mm for the best germination. 
  • Seed sown in late autumn may over-winter and germinate the following spring

Our favourite way to grow Allium purple sensation is in a large mass planting, the resulting block of colour when in flower is spectacular. We grow in through and behind a medium-sized lavender which works really well, Allium flowers well before the lavender, the lavender helps disguise the fading leaves of the allium, which can get a bit tatty before the flowers are even open, and supports the tall stems of the allium against wind damage. A perfect planting combination!

Allium Purple Sensation Seed Pack Sizes

Alium Purple Sensation seeds are typical of most onion seeds being shiny black and angular,  and our standard pack contains 1/4tsp by volume which contains approximately 50 seeds

We also offer a larger 1/2tsp by volume pack which will give you approximately 100 seeds

All seeds will be collected in 2023