Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Astrantia Major Seeds 2023

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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Astrantia Major Seeds

  • An easy-to-Grow, hardy perennial that grows in Blakeney and our Mid-Norfolk Garden
  • Other common names include Masterwort
  • Self-seeds abundantly when established
  • Mixing well with herbaceous plantings, the Alpine white is great grown in front of dark backgrounds and will really pop in the fading evening light. The claret red is a wonderful rich full flower colour in a hot border.
  • Cottage garden favourite. Hardy and reliable. Repeat flowers in September if cut back
  • Very easy to grow, and can be sown directly 
  • Seed sown in autumn may over-winter and germinate the following spring
  • Sow March to May

Astrantia is best grown in clumps of 3, 5 or 7 plants for greates impact. It's easy to cultivate, disease resistant, and doesn't get eaten by the wildlife that we spotted so it makes an ideal addition to any cottage garden

Astrantia major Seed Pack Sizes

The Alpine white strain seeds prolifically and we can offer larger, more generous pack sizes. The Claret strain produces much lighter seed crops so I'm affraid we are only able to offer this strain in 10 and 20 seed packs, and supply is very limited.

All seeds have been hand collected in 2023 and may contain seed pod and hust remnants, just like nature intended.