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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Native Foxglove Seeds 2023

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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Native Foxglove Mixed (Digitalis)

  • A native biennial or short-lived perennial that grows in all our Norfolk Gardens, hedgerows and woodland edges.
  • Traditional cottage garden flower
  • Other common names include lady's glove
  • Self-seeds abundantly when established
  • Tall 1-1.5m spires of flowers that are bee-friendly in June/July
  • Mixed white, purple, and pink-purple seeds
  • Cottage garden favourites
  • Very easy to grow, and can be sown directly by scattering them on the surface where you want them to germinate. 
  • Germination is usually quick but in colder spells, seeds sown in autumn may over-winter and germinate the following spring
  • Scatter sow fresh seeds in borders where you would like them to flower

We have grown native foxgloves as part of our cottage garden borders for years,  The white alba and pinky-purple combination occurs in nature and works really well, we love it grown naturalistically in mixed borders, You will soon become familiar with spotting the young seedlings as they start to grow and these can be lifted and moved easily while they are at the 4 to 6 leave stage to spread the plants to new areas of the gardens.

Foxgloves are not just for woodland and shady areas, for the most spectacular tall stems of flower in June treat them to a full sun spot in the middle of the border

One note of caution. All parts of the plant including the seeds contain Digitalis. While the risk from skin contact is minimal, ingestion can be fatal so we don't grow foxglove in areas where we keep pets or kids and take care with your seeds.

Foxglove Seed Pack Sizes

Foxglove seeds are tiny so we have to measure them by volume, the second photo shows an 1/8thtsp measure as a guide of what to expect and our standard pack contains 1/8tsp by volume which contains between 200 - 250 seeds

We also offer a larger 1/4tsp by volume pack which will give you between 400 - 500 seeds

All seeds will be collected in 2023 and will contain a mixture from white and purple plants shown in the below video.