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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Oxeye Daisy Seeds

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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Oxeye Daisy  (Leucanthemum vulgare)

  • A native short-lived perennial that grows in Blakeney and our Mid Norfolk Garden
  • Traditional cottage garden flower
  • Self-seeds abundantly when established
  • Single open flowers with white petals and yellow centers that are bee-friendly 
  • Cottage garden favourite
  • Very easy to grow, and can be sown directly by scattering them on the surface where you want them to germinate. 
  • Seed sown in autumn may over-winter and germinate the following spring
  • Sow March to April
  • Flowers in a big flush May/June but will repeat flower September if cut back hard after the first flush.
  • Does well in full sun and well-drained soil, plant vigour weakens in year two, so best treated as a biennial.

Oxeye gives an annual blast of fresh white in our garden every year, grown in large drifts it forms carpets of large daisy flowers held at 12-14 inches above the ground. For best results thin seedlings to 6 to 9 inches apart in early spring, as they suddenly double in size in mid-May. Once established you will have a regular supply of your seedlings each year from your own plants.

Oxeye Daisy Seed Pack Sizes

Oxeye Daisy seeds are tiny and our standard pack contains 1/8tsp by volume which contains between 150 - 200 seeds

We also offer a larger 1/4tsp by volume pack which will give you between 300 - 400 seeds

All seeds will be collected in 2023 and will contain some husk and flower debris, as is the way with hand collected seed.