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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Rose Campion Seeds

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Gardeners Cottage Blakeney Rose Campion Mixed (Lychnis coronaria)

  • A native short-lived perennial that grows in Blakeney and our Mid Norfolk Garden
  • Traditional cottage garden flower
  • Other common names include Dusty Miller, mullein-pink and bloody William
  • Self-seeds abundantly when established
  • Single open flowers that are bee-friendly 
  • Mixed white and Cerise seeds
  • Cottage garden favourite
  • Silvery green felt-covered leaves in tidy clumps
  • Very easy to grow, and can be sown directly by scattering them on the surface where you want them to germinate. 
  • Seed sown in autumn may over-winter and germinate the following spring
  • Sow March to May

We have been growing Rose Campion for years, or more accurately Rose Campion has been self-seeding and growing in our gardens for years! It's easy to cultivate, disease resistant, and doesn't get eaten by the wildlife that we spotted so it makes an ideal addition to any cottage garden

Rose Campion Seed Pack Sizes

Rose Campion seeds are tiny and our standard pack contains 1/8tsp by volume which contains between 150 - 200 seeds

We also offer a larger 1/4tsp by volume pack which will give you between 300 - 400 seeds

All seeds are collected in 2023 and will contain a mixture from white and cerise red plants