Gardener's Cottage Blakeney

Original Oil on Board Morston Quay 2000 by Terry Preen-oil painting North Norfolk coast

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Oil painting by Terry Preen depicting Morston Quay on the North Norfolk coast

  • An original Oil Painting of the North Norfolk coast that shows boats and people on Morston Quay with views back to Blakeney 
  • Oil on board, not under glass.
  • Painted 2000 when Terry was living in London
  • Framed in a solid distressed gilt-coloured wooden frame with hanging eyes and string, ready to hang.
  • Dimensions 23-inches by 19-inches outer frame
  • 19.5-inch by 15.75-inch displayed oil within the frame
  • In excellent condition, and very clean.
  • Signed T Preen 2000


About the artist

Terry Preen is a Stamford-based artist who works mainly in oils and watercolour and paints outdoor scenes. He is well known for his painting of the Norfolk coast and Suffolk coast and countryside as well as local outdoor scenes in Stamford.

Terry can often be seen on the streets of Stamford, engrossed in his artwork regardless of the weather. Using oils and watercolours, Terry's talent as an artist is self-taught, similar to many esteemed artists, and although he considers himself a "weekend painter," his competence and knowledge in the craft are impressive. Upon retiring from full-time employment in 2012, Terry finally had the opportunity to devote himself to his beloved occupation, resulting in him now painting extensively, with occasional trips to the coast for inspiration. He is an active member of the 'Brass Monkeys,' a plein air painting group that meets regularly in London, irrespective of the weather, and he also exhibits his work as a member of the Welland Valley Art Society