Dog friendly holiday cottages in North Norfolk

Norfolk is a very dog friendly place to come on holiday

Norfolk and North Norfolk in particular must be the most dog friendly county in the UK . It is certainly the most dog friendly place we have ever lived in or stayed on holiday. If you are looking for somewhere to come on holiday with your four legged friends, then you can’t go wrong with North Norfolk . There are lots of dog friendly cottages in North Norfolk, including our own large dog friendly cottage in Blakeney on North Norfolk coast, Gardeners Cottage. Gardeners Cottage in Blakeney is a large, luxury dog friendly holiday cottages in North Norfolk, that you can stay in very comfortably with your dogs. The cottage has B5 bedrooms, an enclosed garden and off road parking for up to 5 cars.

Many pubs, restaurants and cafes in North Norfolk welcome dogs, both inside and outside. As we have four dogs ourselves ( a Weimaraner, a cocker spaniel a toy poodle cross and a tiny toy poodle) all of whom like to go everywhere with us, we have become experts in the best dog friendly places to visit in North Norfolk.

Here is a list of our current favourite dog friendly places to go in North Norfolk with our dogs:

This is just a small selection of our current favourites . We could go on and on . Please post your favourite dog friendly places in Norfolk in comments.

  • Blakeney itself is very dog friendly-Miles of wonderful coastal walks and lots of places to eat and drink that are dog friendly and with delicious food including The White Horse Pub in Blakeney, ( the staff at White Horse always make the dogs feel very welcome ) The Kings Arms pub in Blakeney and the caravans on Blakeney Quay serving breakfast and lunches.

  • Morston- an easy and very picturesque dog walk along the coastal path from Blakeney to Morston. The Morston Anchor pub is very dog friendly and food is great. There is eating both indoors and outdoors.

  • Wells Next The Sea-we love Wells and the town and beach are very popular with dog walkers. A nice pet shop on high street so you can stock up with dog biscuits and great fish and chip shops on Wells Quay that you can eat on the Quay. The beach is incredible and enormous . You won’t be disappointed.

  • Holkham beach- an extension of Wells beach and often quieter although just as beautiful . Turn left after you come from car park if you want the quieter end.

  • The Victoria Pub at Holkham-probably the most dog friendly pub in North Norfolk we have ever been in . If you want to choose your next dog a great place to see lots of different breeds and cross breeds and the food is great . Also lovely decor and the loos are wonderful ( you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been there)

  • Holt - Wells deli very dog friendly and a nice place for lunch, coffee or tea and cake, and several shops in Holt now allow you to take your dogs in with you including Joules and Gunn Hill clothing shops.

  • Rocky Bottoms seafood restaurant at West Runton-masses of outside seating well spaced and also an indoor seating dog room for if weather not so good . Made us and the dogs feel very welcome and the food is really, really good . Our new favourite place to eat in North Norfolk.

  • Sheringham- we love taking the dogs to Sheringham as it’s very good socialisation for them as it’s always busy and there is a nice on lead walk along the sea defences . We love Punkleberry ice cream parlour in Sheringham as dogs are welcome, and the ice cream sundaes and coffee are the best we’ve found in North Norfolk.

Rent a dog friendly cottage in North Norfolk

Gardeners Cottage in Blakeney is one of the largest dog friendly holiday cottages to rent in Blakeney, that you can stay in with dogs. If you are looking for a cottage to stay in Norfolk that is dog friendly then The Blakeney Cottage Company on the Quay in Blakeney have masses of gorgeous luxury cottages to rent in Blakeney and North Norfolk that are dog friendly, including ours.


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