The Poppy Line Steam Railway

The North Norfolk Steam Railway

The Poppy Line, officially known as the North Norfolk Railway, is a heritage steam railway located in Norfolk, England. It offers a nostalgic experience of rail travel through the picturesque countryside and along the scenic coastline.

Here are some key details about the Poppy Line:

History and Heritage

  • Foundation: The North Norfolk Railway operates on a section of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway, which originally opened in 1887.
  • Preservation: After the closure of the line in 1964 as part of the Beeching cuts, local enthusiasts and volunteers formed a preservation society in 1965. The first public steam train ran in 1976.
  • Heritage: The railway preserves the historical charm of steam train travel, maintaining and restoring vintage locomotives and carriages.

Route and Scenery

  • Route: The line runs for approximately 5.5 miles (8.9 kilometers) between the towns of Sheringham and Holt.
  • Scenic Views: Passengers enjoy beautiful views of the North Norfolk coastline, rolling countryside, and charming rural villages.
  • Stations: Key stations on the line include Sheringham, Weybourne, and Holt, each with their own unique features and historical significance. If you get off at Holt station you can walk or take a bus into the pretty Georgian market town of Holt about a mile away.

Experience and Attractions

  • Steam and Diesel Trains: The railway operates both steam and heritage diesel trains, offering a variety of experiences for visitors.
  • Special Events: The Poppy Line hosts numerous special events throughout the year, such as themed weekends, dining experiences, and family-friendly activities.
  • Railway Museum: The North Norfolk Railway has a museum at Holt station, showcasing the history of the line and the broader railway heritage.

Volunteering and Community

  • Volunteers: The railway is largely run by volunteers who are passionate about preserving railway heritage. They participate in various roles, from train operations to maintenance and customer service.
  • Community Involvement: The railway is a significant part of the local Sheringham community, contributing to tourism and education about railway history.

Practical Information

  • Accessibility: The stations and trains are equipped to accommodate visitors with disabilities, although it is advisable to check specific accessibility arrangements in advance.
  • Tickets and Timetables: Tickets can be purchased online or at the stations, with a variety of options available including single, return, and all day rover tickets. The timetable varies seasonally, so checking the current schedule on the railway's official website is recommended. There are also special events including vintage weekends, 1940's weekend etc
  • Facilities: The stations offer amenities such as cafes, gift shops, and restrooms, enhancing the visitor experience.

The Poppy Line provides a wonderful journey back in time, perfect for railway enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking to enjoy the scenic beauty of North Norfolk from the comfort of a vintage train. 

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