Where Is The Best Place To See Seals In Norfolk

Discover the best spots In Norfolk for seal watching  

The best places to see seals in Norfolk, England, are Blakeney Point and Horsey Beach. These locations are renowned for their large colonies of seals and offer excellent opportunities for observing these fascinating marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Blakeney Point

  • Blakeney Point is part of the Blakeney National Nature Reserve, managed by the National Trust. It's accessible by boat trips from Blakeney, Morston Quay, and other nearby harbors.
  • Experience: The boat trips from Blakeney often include a guided tour, providing information about the seals and the local environment. Grey seals and common seals can be seen lounging on the sandbanks, especially during the breeding season. The grey seal is the dominant seal type.
  • Best time to see the seals at Blakeney: The breeding season for grey seals is from November to January, while common seals have their pups between June and August. 

Several companies offer boat trips to see seals from Blakeney. These trips provide a unique opportunity to observe the seals in their natural habitat at Blakeney Point. Here are a few reputable operators:

Beans Boat Trips:

Beans Boat Trips is a family-run business with over 50 years of experience. They offer guided tours with knowledgeable commentary about the wildlife and history of Blakeney Point. Website: Beans Boat Trips

Bishops Boats: Bishops Boats has been operating seal trips for generations and offers both seal watching and birdwatching trips. Their experienced crew provides interesting insights into the area’s wildlife. Website: Bishops Boats

Temples Seal TripsOverview: Temples Seal Trips is another long-established company offering daily trips to see the seals. They provide a safe and enjoyable experience with a focus on the local ecology. Website: Temples Seal Trips

These companies operate from Morston Quay or Blakeney Harbour and provide a safe, educational, and enjoyable way to see the seals up close. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons.

Horsey Beach

Horsey Beach is located near the village of Horsey. It’s accessible by car, with a short walk from the car park to the beach. Horsey Beach is famous for its grey seal population. During the winter months, large numbers of seals come ashore to give birth to their pups.

The peak pupping season is from late October to January. Visitors are advised to keep a respectful distance from the seals and follow any guidelines provided by local wardens or signs to avoid disturbing the animals. It is also important to keep dogs on leads and to keep them away from the seals and their pups.

Can you take a boat trip to see seals at horsey?

No, you cannot take a boat trip to see seals at Horsey Beach. The seals at Horsey are best viewed from the shore. Visitors typically park either at Horsey Windpump or Horsey Gap or at Winterton and walk along the beach to observe the seals, especially during the pupping season in winter.

Alternatively you can hire a day boat trip from Martham Ferry Boatyard to Horsey dyke , then moor your boat and them walk from Horsey windpump to see the seals on Horsey beach. The walks is across the dunes and takes about 20-30 minutes. The walk is relatively short and offers a pleasant journey through the scenic Norfolk countryside. 

Directions and details to walk from Horsey Windpump to Horsey Beach:

  1. Starting Point: Begin at Horsey Windpump, which is a National Trust site.
  2. Path: Follow the signposted path from the windpump. The route takes you along footpaths and across some farmland areas, leading to the dunes and then to the beach.
  3. Distance: The walk is approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) each way, making it a manageable walk for most visitors. Not easily accessible to wheelchairs or pushchairs unless all terrain. 
  4. Terrain: The path is mostly flat and easy to navigate, though it can be muddy in wet weather. Suitable footwear is recommended.
  5. Experience: As you walk, you’ll enjoy views of the surrounding landscape, including marshes and meadows. The beach itself is a prime spot for seeing seals, especially during the winter pupping season.

The Friends of Horsey Seals, a local conservation group, manage the area and provide information and guidelines to ensure both the seals and visitors remain safe. During the peak pupping season from late October to January, volunteers are often present to guide visitors and answer questions.

For those looking to see seals from a boat, Blakeney Point is the better option, as it offers organised boat trips specifically for seal watching.

Both locations offer unique and memorable experiences for seal watching, with the added benefit of beautiful coastal scenery.


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